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Bus Rides

Our tour bus arrived to Hostel 7 in Sorrento. Luckily the Snuggie I acquired near Rome aided my sleep on the bus throughout the night. By 8am, 170 students from Florence, Rome, and Barcelona boarded a ferry to the island of Capri. 
World Wonders
From one boat to another, we separated into smaller groups to tour around the island. First stop: The Blue Grotto
For €12.50, you can take a small row boat into one of the seven world wonders. For another €5, you can jump in. Considering the Blue Grotto is said to hold “healing powers”, I threw off my clothes and took a dip.

Swimming in the Blue Grotto cost more than my dinner, but was completely worth it.
Next, the Green Grotto, followed by the White Grotto. Eventually, we sailed through The famous rock formation in Faraglioni. Our tour guide Sarah played “Kiss Me” and we coasted under the “Tunnel of Love”.

Too Bad I’m Single and Was Surrounded By Chicks
Finally on land, I had lunch with Alex, Bri, and Marcella at a fine seafood restaurant in Capri. The menu was a bit pricey, but so was everything in Southern Italy. I ordered Mussels on the specialty menu.

Boy were they special.
When Bri’s dish of mussels and clams arrived, she asked for Parmesan.The waiter shook his head and told her Parmesan does not go with her dish but brought the cheese to our table anyways. One thing to consider while eating in Italy: the dish is to be eaten as prepared. However, we all showed our gratitude by asking for extra bread so we could soak up all our extra sauce. It was SO. GOOD.
Next up, a chair lift to heaven.
A 15 minute ride in a single chair lift brought us up to the clouds. White clouds laid in one direction, while a horizon of the city, mountains, and ocean laid in the next. Bri and I ventured off a trail to take a few pictures. She noted,
“This is heaven. If we die, there’s a bar just upon the hill!”

Calling All Angels

Seeing Sorrento
After a ferry ride cat nap and a shower, I was ready to roll. We bused into Sorrento’s city to Il Leone Rosso, where I ate the best fried Calamari to date. Our dinner table daydreamed about the missed meals and the first thing we’ll eat in the states.
Hello Thai food!
With complimentary Limoncello shots from the restaurant, we checked into the English Inn. There, we socialized under the stars to 90s Americana Pop.
I danced like a fool, having too much fun to go home early. My roommates headed back but my friend Kelsey supported my decision to stay out.

Kudos to Kelsey 
Kelsey stayed at a hotel 10 minutes from mine, but luckily had a spare bed for me to crash in. 
Stick with your girls.
Stay Safe and Sound.

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