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Stuttgart Day 2

Strolling Around Stuttgart Allowing myself to wake up naturally, I figured I would have enough time to stretch out on a morning run before breakfast. This thought dissipated when I rolled over to see the screen on my phone read: “10:39 A.M.” No time for a run, I’ll eat instead. ...

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Stuttgart Day 1

Meet The Parents Straight past the exit gate, my mom stands waiting in apprehension. Once I catch her attention, her fists fly up and her eyes begin to water. My parents visit me at school every October, but this fall their trip was a bit longer than a nine-hour car ride ...

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Oktoberfest: Day 2

Wake Up Call At midnight, my hostel roommate entered the room and I popped up in bed, still dressed in my dirndl.”O my gosh! I’m so sorry! I’m Jenny! I arrived way later than planned!” Raz, my hostel roommate, just laughed and told me how to use the wifi downstairs to help ...

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Oktoberfest: Day 1

Lace Up Your Lederhosen After five anxious hours on the bus, we were ready to take over Oktoberfest. I ran off the bus with my pigtails in place and euros in hand, ready to buy a dirndl. About ten minutes from the train station, I walked into a costume store ...

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