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Dublin Nightlife

The Temple Bar

Real Pub Food

With a three hour flight and a one hour time change, we landed in Dublin at 8pm. Outside the airport a breath of Irish mist welcomed four Florentines. After a short wait in line for a cab, we anticipated riding on the left side for a change. Or as our driver exclaimed; “the right side of the road”. 
First things first, grab some food. Kenzie, Liz, our friend Wendee and I searched around downtown to find authentic pub food. Crossing onto the north side, every pub seemed to have a closed kitchen or out of the price range. We proceeded to walk through the Temple Bar district, the largest tourist spot in Dublin. Before giving in to a €20 entree, we found The Bankers; a cozy bar and pub right off the square. The staff was beyond welcoming and the food was heavy and fried. I ordered a roast ham sandwich with wedges and a Galway Hooker Pale Ale. Although stuffed, we went for a Bailey’s cheesecake afterwards. Worth it.


While roaming and scoping out perspective patronizing, a couple of men in their late 20’s insisted we go to The Capital. The guys seemed promising enough for a few cocktail, so we followed along . At least as far as the front door, where the bouncer denied our access. Living in Italy, we kept our IDs safe elsewhere, given the younger drinking age. Before turning back, the eager lads swept some influence into the doorman and in we continued. The bold and beautiful occupied the Capital, leaving my casual traveling outfit feeling a wee bit bummish. Luckily, I never let my appearance bother me. Especially after a few Jameson shots.
And once I felt at ease, our new friends tested comfortable . Though their intentions were troubling, they were fun to mess with:
Irish Man: “How long have I known you?”
Me: “About thirty minutes”
IM: “Can I trust you?”
Me: “No, I’m dangerous”

One by one me and my girls “had to use the bathroom” and ran out the door laughing.

 The rest of the night resolved in wandering downtown along River Liffey. The luxury hotels, flashy clubs and ubiquitous musical performances lit up the city.

I’m Loving It

Hours passed and we found ourselves at a three-story McDonald’s. At the time, It was the happiest place on earth. Young people around giggling and devouring McNuggets. O, how I was feeling at home. Turns out, munchies are universal.

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