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Midterms in Italy

I had two choices this past weekend:
1.Take the refund from my cancelled trip to Budapest2. TravelI took the latter.

To make up for my lost study time, I devoted all of Monday to my notes. This idea lasted until I ran up to Piazza Michelangelo, shopped for a leather jacket with Kaleigh, and updated my blog. Before I knew it, our school’s library had closed. Living in a dark, crowded apartment on a noisy street is not the ideal study space, but I managed to find a public library opened until ten. I peeled off the plastic wrapping from my cooking book and flipped through the pages. Studying evolved into dreaming about a homemade Swiss Chard Erbazzone. The clock struck ten and I took a change of pace at Bridget and Kaleigh’s for focus. Which ended up in glasses of Vino Blanco and internet surfing.


Food, Culture, and Society Midterm
Luckily, I read enough of the book to answer the ten short answer questions . (With some help from my classmates, that is)

After the midterm, a neighboring professor guided us through the San Lorenzo market. Usually avoiding the meat department, I ventured new isles since shopping in the produce selection.

San Lorenzo Market to Table



A couple rows of live crab, octopus, and liver later, we landed at the bakery section. Our professor let us pick any treat from the vendor, and I chose a ham and artichoke pizza.

Free meals make the best meals.

We overviewed the aging process of vinegar, explaining why the tedious process comes with a hefty price.

Before our last stop at the gelateria, our teacher looked at his pastry bag, shook his head, and handed it to me. He said, “This is too sweet for me. Here, you have it, you look polite.”

It was an orange marmalade cookie. Although we were on our way to get gelato, I could not be rude to the man and accepted the offer.

A few blocks from the San Lorenzo market stands one of Florence’s oldest gelateria, Antica Gelateria Florentina. The owner open early for us to pick out three flavors of our choice.

Fig and Cream, Biscotti, and Stracciatella.

I promised myself to eat healthy this week, But denying free food is simply a sin.


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