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Celebrating Labor Day

Classes officially started at FUA but Kenzie and I are lucky enough to have Mondays off. After six days of travel, orientation, and gelato, I was psyched to check out the school gym. Unfortunaly, it was very dissapointing. With only six cardio machines, Kenzie and I were lucky to be the first ones to show up.
But hey, a work out is a work out.
More gelato for Jenny 
Booking September 
After the gym, we picked up Kaleigh to discuss our trip schedule. I booked trips for the last three weekends before I left, and wanted to spend the upcoming weekend with my new friends. Some other girls had booked Croatia for the upcoming weekend, so we decided to hop on that train. (Or bus, I should say).
So far my schedule looks like this:
Weekend 2- Croatia
Weekend 3- Cinque Terre
Weekend 4- Almafi Coast
Weekend 5-three nights Prague, one Munich (Oktoberfest holaaaaa)
Fall Break- Frankfort, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Bolzano, Rome
Halloween Weekend- Greece
Following Weekend- Barcelona 
Last weekend- London
What is my life.
Places left on my bucket list: Amsterdam, Morocco, Istanbul, Budapest, Paris
Am I missing anything?
“Yay for Friends”
The rest of the day we searched for our classes. Every Tuesday I will walk through the San Lorenzo leather market. That’s just not fair for a girl on a budget.
Taking pictures of every turn to assure I won’t get lost for class.
During the night I went out with some ISA girls and ran into the Monmouth kids at Lion’s Fountain. I feel so welcomed here, many Americans came to florence in groups and have warmly accepted me as a friend.
Me and Bridget celebrating Thursday’s plans for Croatia
I used to think late night pizza was my weakness, but that all changed when I discovered the kebab joint next to our apartment 
Shredded from a giant spindle of meat wrapped with sautéed vegetables, lettuce, and French fries. Doused with ranch, hummus, and “special sauce”. I was content.

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