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Oktoberfest: Day 2

Wake Up Call
At midnight, my hostel roommate entered the room and I popped up in bed, still dressed in my dirndl.”O my gosh! I’m so sorry! I’m Jenny! I arrived way later than planned!”

Raz, my hostel roommate, just laughed and told me how to use the wifi downstairs to help me figure out my life.

With only 15 minutes before the concierge closed up, I called my mom to tell her my unfortunate situation. I was going to have to buy a plane ticket in the morning, wasting away more money on commuting. Story of my life.

Suit Up, Stein Up

I ate breakfast with Raz and booked my plane ticket while she was getting ready. I told her I contemplated Dachau or a bike tour and that I would try to get a hold of her during the festival, even though communication would be difficult.

Once I arrived at the train station and talked to a Dachau tour leader, I knew that this trip would make me even more depressed. I was already upset at myself for lack of planning, and needed to spend the day in a lighter setting.

Back at the hostel, I asked the front desk for a bike tour guide. Flipping through a brochure, a man asked if I was American and I debriefed him of my current situation. His name was Jeff and he was an ex-chemical engineer now touring as a musician. It was his day off and he was planning to check out Oktoberfest. I told him, “Screw it. I bought my dirndl. I can visit Munich another time. Let’s get a stein.”

Jeff was blown away by how massive the park was. We walked around for a while and settled at the Lowenbrau tent. Being Monday and 10 am, there were plenty of open seating areas. We walked up and down the isles deciding on where to sit, and laughed as we realized that we were looking for the opposite sex. So we settled at a table with two blonde girls.

Day Two Tent

Jodie and Jessie were Australians who had flown into Europe with a one way ticket months ago. They were free spirits with a passion for travel and great company.

After the band had started playing, the three of us ran up to the center stage to talk to the musicians. They put us on a rising stage and introduced us as “Aussie’s and American!” Suddenly, cameras were flashing and videos were recording everywhere. We had quite the paparazzi.

Everyone Was Loving On Us
Time had flown by and I needed to get ready for my flight. I grabbed a few bags of roasted peanuts and headed to the hostel. I grabbed my backpack and rushed to the train station in hope to use a Eurail pass to the airport. Spilling my nuts all over the counter, I searched for my Eurail pass. It was no where in sight. Panicking, I bought the next train to the airport and asked a dozen times if I was indeed going to the right place.
My first international airport experience was a blur. I bought a rather delicious panino near the gate, sat down in my seat, and passed out until I arrived in Florence.
The stewardess asked as I exited the plane: “Oktoberfest?”
Did the Dirndl give it away?

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