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Arriving an hour later than our scheduled day tour, we were all eager to see the Prague Castle Saturday morning. Our tour guide, Ivan, was extroverted, funny, and rude. He hi-fived elderly tourists during our walk up to the castle and complimented an Asian woman on her Hello Kitty. We were all entertained and a little uncomfortable. 
The Gothic Church that sits within the castle is the most intricate building I have ever laid eyes on. Opened in 800 AD, every inch is detailed with a story. We peeked inside to view stained-glass murals without having to pay an entrance fee. Unlike Italy, there are little dress codes and courtesy restrictions during church visits. Andrea mentioned in the first tour that many Czechs are atheist and have given up on religion after the way the Catholic church treated the citizens centuries ago. However, the Czech Republic still values their government. Minutes after the Church visit we watched a guard switch outside the gates.

Pretty Neat If You Ask Me
Outside The Gate
Giving The Guard Some Love


All You Need Is Love
After watching the soldiers stomp their bayonets, a nearby Starbucks caught my eye. I knew this would be my only opportunity to sip on a Pumpkin Spice latte all fall, so a few of us went inside. We ended up losing the tour group, but my cup of sweet goodness was well worth it.

The Barista Must Have Really Liked Me


The five of us who fell behind searched all around the area to meet up with our group at the John Lennon Wall. Apparently, this famous monument is unfamiliar with many locals. But with persistence (and running into Chelsea) we found the colorful landmark. 

I’m Artsy


I suddenly found peace. The wall was smaller than I imagined, but it gave out an aura of content. A street musician covered famous love ballads and I felt like crying.
Feeling anything but sad, we spent a while taking pictures before venturing off to the Jewish Quarter across the Charles Bridge
While crossing the river, we stopped to rub a plaque on the bridge. The legend goes, if you make a wish while rubbing a golden woman, she will grant your request and you will return to Prague. Well, I want to return to Prague so hopefully waiting in the line of tourists was well worth it.

I’m Coming Back For You, Praha!


On our way to visit the Jewish Cemetery, we noticed commotion near the river. A Red Bull challenge was setting up for Sunday’s event. If only we stayed an extra day!

What A Tease


Later, we walked past the Prague Fashion Week tent.

Too Bad I Was Wearing Target


Food, Beer, Food, Beer
Exhausted, we decided to rest our feet for something to eat. We entered the Beer Museum, where we sampled imported beers and ordered sausage and pretzels. 



Several mini beers later, we decided it was time to visit the Jewish Quarter before dark. 
Unfortunately, we failed to realize that Saturday is the sabbath day and all of the museums were closed. 

For dinner, we ate at Palanda, a restaurant Laura claimed she had “the best burger of her life”. With this in mind, I ordered a burger. It was the best  burger of my life.
Then again I hardly eat burgers.
My roommates and I managed through the metro with success. Though after we hopped off the bus that should have dropped us off the the hostel, we found ourselves in an unfamiliar square. After asking around for directions, we ended up taking a cab that drove us three miles back to the Inn. Where did we go wrong?
Kenzie, Dena and I got ready in record time to follow our group to Lucerna, an 80’s and 90’s club. Though the 100 Czech Crown cover fee was a bit of a buzz kill, we were suddenly surrounded by big screens showing Britney Spears in her school girl outfit while the DJ blasted “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. We spent the rest of the night on stage praising the artists of our childhood.



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