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Welcome To Live Prolific


Why I Choose to Live Prolifically:

Addicts are born with disease. It’s the poison of choice that arbitrates whether an addict functions in society. My first addiction was water. The common pool rat, I turned my summer obsession into a Division 1 swimming career. My teammates were my best friends. We trained, cried, and traveled together; so much that by my third year of university I had overdosed on the sport. I orchestrated an escape from school and swimming altogether, and fled to Italy to study abroad. That Fall of senior year, my addictive habits caught the travel bug. I decided to avoid any “career” stationed in the States, and started working on cruise ships. Sure, the ports were lovely, but the lifestyle suffocated my adventurous instincts.

I decided to live without restrictions, return home, and begin my next journey. I have projected plans for the future, and several booked trips within beginning my next paid job. I have no steady paycheck, no bourgeois boyfriend, and no reliable mailing address. I am 23, living, rather existing. I have an addiction. Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery.