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Stuttgart Day 2

Strolling Around Stuttgart
Allowing myself to wake up naturally, I figured I would have enough time to stretch out on a morning run before breakfast. This thought dissipated when I rolled over to see the screen on my phone read: “10:39 A.M.”
No time for a run, I’ll eat instead.
Gerlind set the table with freshly picked fruit and homemade jam from her garden. Confirming the day’s plans over breakfast, Tim, Gerlind, and my family drove to the tram to avoid a chaotic parking lot downtown. And chaotic it was. Since stores close on Sundays, crowds of people fill the streets of Stuttgart. Starting off in the weekly farmer’s market, I bought a small bottle of local schnapps for a friend. We then returned to the indoor market and maneuvered around people while buying streusel, filled dates, and blood sausage (Dad’s pick). Leaving the market, we walked around the park before more shopping.
Filled Dates, My Favorite!
Schlossgarten Park
Hitting a mid-day slum, I craved a Pumpkin Spice Latte but the Starbucks store was on the opposite side from the tram. We improvised my java lust at a nearby Backerei with an “iced caramel latte”. More like cold cream. All I asked for was a dose of caffeine and instead I formed a tummy ache.
No worries, more food was still to come. Walter met us at an isolated Bier Garten. Still warm outside, I had a Paulander beer and a German burger. My plate arrived with two bun-less hamburgers soaked in a Marsala with a side of potato salad. I shouldn’t have been hungry after all the sugar I consumed earlier that day, but I cleaned my plate dry.

Women Being Women
The boys and girls split up after lunch when Laurie asked to stop by Aldi, her frugal-shopper’s coveted food market. We stocked up on the available Christmas selection with stollen, chocolates, and cookies. After our grocery fix, us ladies hiked up to the Birkenkopf hill, where ruins of World War II bombings are kept and a panoramic view of Stuttgart can be seen.

More. Food.
Back at the house, I immediately opened up the stollen. This sweet bread is a traditional Christmas dessert, filled with dried fruit and dusted with powdered sugar. Or perhaps coke. I lost all self-control while munching on these nuggets.
Downstairs, I waited for dinner while watching “The Sound of Music” to prepare for our upcoming trip to Salzburg. Once Julie Andrews left the Von Trapp mansion to avoid her love conflict with the captain, dinner was ready.
Again, Gerlind aced another meal. A pot of bacon-wrapped pork soaking in a mushroom stew kissed my taste buds. And of course, we ate this delectable dinner with a side of politics. Ending the night with a piece of apple pie, we were beyond satisfied.
Danke Gerlind, Walter, and Tim for your warm hospitality and company. I hope to visit you soon or see you next in America!

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