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Ignorance Is Bliss*

Paradoxically, ignorance is not bliss*. Before any departure, I check the map to pre-navigate points A to B. I seek out walking tours to learn about cardinal historical facts. I learn “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you”, and of course, “Cheers!” in the new language. And while a few of these personal travel ...

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Budapest and the Magic Baths

Water. I need water. And aspirin. Where’s my phone? Where are my clothes? Buried by my feet, I turn the volume off my iPhone as friends in central time zone buzz me updates about their Friday night escapades. Their check-in spurred a flashback from last night’s pub crawl in Budapest. ...

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10 Things I Learned About Budapest

Because learning is fun, and so is Eastern Europe 1. Budapest is by far the largest growing city in Hungary. Severed by the Danube River, Buda and Pest unified in 1873. 2. “Buda” refers to the lush hillside west of the Danube, and “Pest” lies flat on the east. Together, ...

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