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Working for the Weekend

I may have escaped the mundane world of corporate America (in my ignorant opinion), but there’s no denial that I spend Monday through Friday working for the weekend. As a Kinder teacher, the toddlers are cute and all: pulling at my shirts, smacking my ass and crying for attention but ...

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Color By Number

The best itineraries are the ones designed at 4am after a five-hour train ride across the country. Stranded at the train station, our group of sleep-deprived adventurers had eight hours to kill before check-in at our swanky rented apartment overlooking Haeundae Beach, Busan. And in that three bedroom apartment we ...

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School is for Fools

“Class.” “Class!” “Now after learning about question-forming words, I want you to ask me three sentences about myself. It could be anything. Ask me about my family, my pets, my favorite food. Anything”. *Crickets* “Class, don’t you have any questions for me? About America? About moving to Korea? I flew ...

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The Korean Fix

I cooked today. A bit of “meal planning” if you may. However, the final verdict for dinner was my last package of ramen. I couldn’t tell you which flavor of ramen, definitely spicy, but definitely not fish. (Thank G, because I’m sick of everything smelling like fish). I also joined ...

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