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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Have you ever woken up with a sense of sadness? When my alarm rang, I felt a pain of remorse and treated myself to a donut before class. 
It could have been the Concerta, it could have been the espresso, but during philosophy I became overwhelmed with concern about post graduation.
What am I doing with my life? Which career path will fund my passion for travel without working myself into misery?
Focusing on my professor with these thoughts racing through my head was difficult. But after the first hour I took a deep breath and found peace.
I spent the rest of the day updating my blog, emailing my family, and planning out trips. I did not job hunt as much I a should have, but my stress had resided. I still have time to figure my life out. We all do.
Guts, Abs, and Glutes. 
Taught completely in Italian, I followed the middle aged women around me while trying to understand our instructor in Swan’s classroom. Before class, I met Louise, a student at the Lorenzzo school in Florence. We were both very confused but happy to finally get back into shape. We had no idea what we were in for. 
We began with several step-touches. 
*Please don’t let this be Zumba. 
Eventually we squatted, lunged, and kicked to Ke$ha and Rihanna. Trying to modify the moves for more intensity, I quickened my pace. Our instructor did not like this. Though after the class we exchanged “ciao”, “grazie” and a butchered “see you Monday” on my part.
I met up with Kaleigh and Kenzie after the gym at Pino’s, a restaurant known for delicious, cheap paninis. Pino himself made our sandwiches and appreciated my attempt to practice Italian. Though after asking about a particular menu item, I responded with an “Ooo”. Pino then mocked my “Ooo”. This seems to be a common occurrence whenever I order food in Italy.
I topped my panino with sautéed eggplant, spinach, pepper, ricotta and pesto. The Athenian decibels of the presocratic age practiced vegetarianism to avoid devouring the soul of animals, so I decided to banish meat for a day. I told Pino this while ordering, and he told me he will make the fattiest dish of deli for my next visit.
O boy.
While getting ready at Bridget’s we bonded over our morning funk, dealing with anxiety and homesickness. I cannot stress how much I love my new friends. Though we have only known each other for a two weeks, we already have a tight bond and a genuine concern for each other.
Enough emotional talk, let’s get Dragoons!
After a few hand games I was restless and befriended an Italian at the bar. I met Marco of Chianti, a city famous for their wine. After I told him I would hit him up for a vinery tour, Kenzie and I left to meet up with our Model friends. 

Four of us hiked up the Michelangelo and overlooked the glowing city of Florence. Carlos, the model, helped me practice my Italian as we walked around the Piazza. Eventually we stopped at the club we originally walked up for. The bouncer spoke to our guy friends in Italian and refused our entry.
Excuse me, I don’t have a fake ID, why aren’t you letting us in?
O well. We walked back and said goodnight to our friends. I was exhausted and ready for my day trip to Venice in the morning
To be continued

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