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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Western Philosophy
Xavier University’s Jesuit core curriculum requires 12 credit hours of Philosophy to graduate. Luckily, the Western Philosophy course offered at FUA is accredited for my core. I have a love hate relationship with philosophy classes, but hearing my Tuscan professor explain the theories of Ancient Greek philosophy, I listened attentively. I mean I like Hercules, so this class should be fun, right?
My Wallet is Crying
Since I had been carrying my class materials in an open tote, I wanted something safer while walking around gypsy prone areas. On my walk back to the apartment I noticed an adorable leather satchel and decided to search for a new book bag. I told the saleswoman that I needed to check my balance before purchasing anything, but as I headed towards the door she mumbled Italian to her coworker before stopping me. She offered an extra €10 off, so I went for it.
I’m such a sucker. 
Runner’s High
During my run, I decided to go a little farther without getting too lost. I dodged tourists on the Michelangelo to see a better view. I became so overwhelmed with the beauty of the city, I ended up tearing up in happiness. I am living in a fairy tale.
Thank you Mom and Dad for your support. I am forever grateful for this experience. 

One of the reasons I love Florence


Language Barriers
Most of the Italians I have spoken to know enough English to help me with directions and questions. Though when I  walked  into the copy store to retrieve philosophy readings, the clerk ignored me for a few minutes before I could ask for prints. She spoke some English, but could not figure out which photocopies I needed. After she found the correct readings, she asked for cash. She directed me out the door to find the ATM, so I roamed for 20 minutes searching for one. Returning with fresh euro, she gave me a stern look when I handed her a €50. Italians prefer exact change. Unfortunately I’ve been a hassle lately.
Cheers to the Freakin Weekend
The rest of the afternoon I prepared for my trip to Croatia.
That’s right, Croatia. 

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