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More Food In Eataly

The Wrath of Oktoberfest
I woke up with a headache, nausea, and dry mouth. At least I wasn’t in my dirndl. After a liter of water and some multi-vitamins, I started feeling better and made my way to cooking class.
Chef Boyardee Ain’t got Nothin On Me


Today’s Recipe: beef ravioli
The pasta: made fresh with eggs and rolled out with a manual pasta maker
The filling: ground beef, salami, and prosciutto
The sauce: chicken and beef broth 
This traditional Christmastime meal takes three hours to make, yet our class whipped it out in our 2 1/2 hour time slot. 

Ravioli doesn’t have to look good to taste good

After a hearty dish of pasta, I decided to check out FUA’s school sponsored bakery, Fedora.  Our student ID cards are loaded with 75 “food units” used for purchases. After hearing about this deal, I immediately picked out a white chocolate mousse cake and cappuccino, despite the fact my stomach was still digesting the ravioli. 

It Was Worth Every Calorie 
The rest of the day, I aced my Italian quiz (let’s hope so), took the “Total Body” class at Swan Gym,  and went to Dante’s for a late night dinner. I ordered the mushroom and sausage truffle pasta with several glasses of complimentary wine. After a short hour of going out, I called it a night. 
After grabbing a small Kebab, that is.

Somedays, A girl’s gotta eat.


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