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Police, Gucci, Piercings and Sedatives


Before starting my day I needed to finish up homework. I shot a short email to my PR professor before heading to the Carabinieri (police) to file a report for my lost Eurail pass that had mysteriously disappeared between steins in Munich. None of the officers spoke English at the closest station, but directed me to a larger hub farther East.

Walking Along the Arno
My stroll to the police station was quite delightful considering the circumstances. 
The officers were polite but lazy. I waited 45 minutes before giving up and leaving to meet a friend for lunch. 
Scatter, Tourists!
Florence hosted the 2013 UCI World Championship of Cycling, bringing in hundreds of spectators. The main streets were gated for the athletes, creating traffic and road blocks. All day, I arrived in sweat after hustling through the crowds.

Snapped a Cycler!


I lost track of time during lunch with my friend Haley at Astor Cafe, and scurried through the tourists to meet my PR class before our field trip to the Gucci Museum. I appreciate fine designers, but would never describe myself as a trendsetter. Though looking through Gucci’s creations while listening about his history was pretty fascinating. The best part of the museum was the evening gown exhibition. The dresses worn by Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, and Blake Lively were on display in the actresses’ real size. I was shocked to see how small Salma Hayek’s dress was, considering her larger assets. Regardless, the gowns were elaborate and I would have killed to simply try one on.
Sorry Mom and Dad
Arriving home, my roommate Meaghan mentioned she wanted a new piercing. I have been dying to get a nose ring during my time in Europe because, why not? Meaghan, Shannon and I walked into Rossi, a shop suggested by the When In Florence tour company. Street view, Rossi looks like a jewelry shop. We walked in and I pointed to my nose to ask, “can I get this pierced?” Rossi took out a pen and marked a dot in my nose crease right away. We slid behind mirrored doors as he prepared to poke my flesh. I was expecting a pinch, but the first hole triggered my sinus reflex and my eyes began tearing. After a minute of looping metal through my nostril, he apologized and told me he had to start over due to the thickness of my nose. The process was more painful than I imagined, and my allergies were in full effect. Within ten minutes of sitting patiently with needles in my face, I officially became a badass.

BetterThan A Tramp Stamp
I popped a few ibuprofen to kill the pain and headed to Swan gym for GAG class. I befriended two girls from Holland; Rose and Claire. They asked me how I have my figure and I just laughed and replied; “Plenty of pizza balanced with running.”
Please, you Dutch girls Dutch babes. I should be complimenting you.
Peer Pressure
Later that night I was exhausted but tempted to go out. My roommates all looked gorgeous, ready to hit the town. My stomach was still bloated from Oktoberfest (Would not be surprised if I developed celiac disease during Prague and Munich.) Although I felt under the weather, I desperately wanted to join my friends.
I changed into a dress, then back into my pjs. 
I plugged in my straightener twice.
I put on a crop top and shorts, then back into my pjs.
Finally, I took a few melatonin and Benadryl. 
Nighty night.

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